New Day, New Vendor: Puma Air Tools on Weagorà! - Weagorà

New Day, New Vendor: Puma Air Tools on Weagorà! Weagorà
Air Hammer with 4 pcs Chisel (round) 190 mm - Puma - Weagorà
Air Hammer with 4 pcs Chisel (round) 190 mm - Puma
Sale price€36,00
Air Impact Wrench 1/2" - Puma - Weagorà
Air Impact Wrench 1/2" - Puma
Sale price€48,00
Composite Reversible Air Drill 3/8" - Puma - Weagorà
Composite Reversible Air Drill 3/8" - Puma
Sale price€48,00

We're thrilled to announce the latest addition to our esteemed lineup of vendors – Puma Air! Explore a diverse range of top-notch compressed air tools designed for cutting-edge applications across workshops and construction sites. Puma's robust tools, including air impact wrenches, air hammers, air drills, air hose reels, and more, guarantee longevity, safety, and unmatched productivity.

Why Choose Puma Air Tools?

Puma's compressed air tools stand out for their compact design, lightweight construction, and exceptional performance. Whether you're in the automotive industry, construction trade, or DIY projects, these tools deliver unparalleled comfort and efficiency. The comprehensive range covers cutting, grinding, spraying, sawing, screw driving, nailing, tacking, painting, staining, blowing, grouting, sealing, and chiseling.

Air Impact Wrenches: Unleash High Torques with Precision

Experience the power of Puma's compressed air impact wrenches, offering superior torque for demanding applications. With torques exceeding 350 Nm, these wrenches are the ideal choice for workshops and mobile compressors on the go. Compact, light, and powerful, Puma's air impact wrenches ensure optimal force transmission and reliability.

Diverse Air Tool Selection: From Ratchet Wrenches to Chipping Hammers

Puma's air tool series includes ratchet wrenches, air drills, chipping hammers, and complete air tool sets. The Air Ratchet Wrench ¼” is tailor-made for automotive workshops, featuring a lightweight design, ergonomic handle, and versatile functionality for tightening and loosening tasks in tight spaces. The rubberized handle ensures fatigue-free operation during extended use.

Ergonomic Excellence Across the Board

All Puma air tools share common ergonomic features, including rubber-coated handles for comfort and low-fatigue operation. The focus is on providing tools that are user-friendly, minimizing strain and effort for end-users.

Comprehensive Compressed Air Solutions on Weagorà

In collaboration with Puma, Weagorà serves as your one-stop-shop for compressed air technology. From powerful compressors and air tools to accessories for compressed air preparation and distribution, we've got you covered.

Explore Our Puma Catalog Today!

Don't miss out on the latest additions to our Puma catalog. Thank you for your continued trust in Weagorà as we strive for excellence in providing technical products. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!